Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nicholas: Nickname-Rich Name of the Week (September 6)

For the last boy's name (there will be one more girl's name next week) in this series I'm covering one that had his U.S. peak in the 1990s, but is classic enough to work on a boy or man of any age: Nicholas. Many Nicholases shorten their name to Nick, but I've also heard of Cole as a possible nickname. Any other ideas you can think of? Is Nicholas himself starting to get a bit dated, or is it still a strong choice for a boy?

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  1. I think Nicholas is pretty timeless - I've met boys and men named Nicholas of many ages and it has never seemed strange. My brother (born in 1989) is Nicholas. My parents prefer the full name, but he started using Nick when he was a kid because people shorten it automatically. I like Niko on a kid. Claus is another possible nickname.