Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catherine: Nickname-Rich Name of the Week (June 28)

Another English classic that's been popular in her various forms throughout the ages, this week's name is Catherine (along with Katherine and other related names, although I personally like the C-spelling better). In the present era Cathy/Kathy is most likely to be seen on a middle-aged woman and Katie on someone of her child's generation. My personal favorite nickname is Kate, with Kitty being a quirkier one that I also like. Can you think of any other nickname possibilities that you like, and what do you think of Catherine by herself?

There will be no name in this series next week as I'm taking off for (U.S.) Independence Day, but I'll be back the week after that (on July 12).

ETA: Tomorrow (June 29) marks the 3rd anniversary of my blog!


  1. I prefer Katherine, but if I used it I'd use Kathryn after several family members. Regardless of spelling, I love the name - I think it might be my favorite classic - but it's too common for me to want to use. Kate is my favorite nickname. I think Kit is nice (but I dislike Kitty) and Kat is pretty good too. One thing I like about the Catherine spelling is I think you could then get away with Cady as a nickname, potentially after Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

  2. I like Kate - there's something strong and sensible about it. Plus everyone I know called Kate loves their name, and it suits a wide variety of people.

    Kitty is very cute (possibly too much so), and I only like Kit for a boy.

    Happy Anniversary!