Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patricia: Nickname-Rich Name of the Week (June 14)

This week's name is one that may sound a bit dated since it was quite popular during the Baby Boomer years and over time had enough bearers to be the second most popular name for females of all ages on the 1990 U.S. Census, but could blend in with today's Irish and Latinate names and be wearable on a modern girl: Patricia. Many Boomers with this name go by one of the Pat- nicknames (Pat itself, Patsy, Patty, etc.) while Tricia/Trisha/etc. are more popular with the younger Patricias. Once again this is a name that I think I'd be more inclined to simply use in full (and in my opinion doesn't sound as dated that way). What do you think of Patricia, and if you were to shorten her what would you use?


  1. I'm not a big fan of Patricia. I'm hard pressed to find a P name I like at all, for either sex, and Patricia sounds dated regardless of nickname to me. If I had to name my daughter Patricia, I'd probably call her Patsy.

  2. I'm seeing a lot of Patricia as a middle name lately - I'm guessing a tribute to a boomer-age grandmother in many cases.

    All the nicknames seem quite aging for this one, and I can't get on board with any of them.

    I had a doll named Patricia when I was a kid, and I always called her by her full name, never Patsy or Trishie or anything like that.